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Dossier: Africa-Europe relations



ECDPM on Africa-Europe relations

The aim of ECDPM is to facilitate efforts to revitalise and deepen relations between Europe and Africa, in close cooperation with African and European policy makers, policy analysts, experts and a diversity of non-state actors..

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Africa-Europe relations – Looking beyond 2014 blog

This blog, initiated and co-ordinated by ECDPM, brings together voices from both Africa and Europe asking ‘what next for Africa-Europe relations?’..

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The Bulletin of Fridays of the Commission – Making EU-Africa Relations Future-Proof

20 June 2014 – This edition of Fridays of the Commission, organised by the AUC Department of Economic Affairs in collaboration with the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) and JAES Support Mechanism..

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Beyond the 2014 Summit: Which Way Forward for EU-Africa Relations? Report of the Informal High-level Seminar Hosted by ECDPM

6 June 2014 – The 2014 4th Africa-EU summit was marked by moderate optimism on both sides of the partnership. The summit emphasised the strategic and interest-driven nature of the partnership by focussing primarily on the peace and security and economic..

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The Global Game Has Changed: What Role for Europe-Africa Relations?

1 May 2014 – Seven years after the long-term vision established in the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES), the overall ambitious goal of implementing a partnership between equals and take the Africa-EU relationship to a new strategic political level remain largely unfulfilled..

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The Implementation of the Joint Africa Europe Strategy: Rebuilding Confidence and Commitments

21 March 2014 – EU’s relations with Africa still need to be guided by high level political ambitions expressed in a revitalised political statement — the Joint Africa Europe Strategy (JAES) — agreed by heads of state and government and EU and AU leadership in 2007..

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A Question of Leadership? Challenges for Africa-EU relations in 2014

20 December 2013 – ECDPM’s 2014 Challenges Paper pinpoints challenges for Africa-EU relations in several areas: EU institutions and development cooperation; cooperation on key issues such as food security, peace and security and migration; and economic concerns including regional integration..

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Are Africa and Europe Turning a New Page in Their Relationship?

11 April 2014 – Seeking to understand the potential impact of a Summit immediately after the event is a perilous task, yet looking at the outcomes of last week’s 4th Africa-EU Summit it is..

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Don’t ignore the Elephants in the room – will the Africa-EU Summit revitalise the partnership?

21 March 2014 – To make the summit a success strong leadership will be needed on both sides of the partnership to square up to the elephants in the room, sorting out the differences to get on with making the EU-Africa..

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Video playlist: A guide EU decision making on Africa

7 April 2014 – How does the EU make decisions that matter for Africa? Who and what are the main players and institutions that shape European policies? Check out ECDPM’s latest guide

5 Challenges in Africa-Eu relations copy copy

Infographic: Challenges for Africa-EU relations

3 April 2014 – What are to five challenges for Africa-EU relations?


Video playlist: Challenges for Africa-EU relations

28 March 2014 – Watch all our videos on challenges for Africa-EU relations