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Conflict, crisis and governance insights

Conflict, crisis and governance are inextricably linked. ECDPM’s Conflict, Security and Resilience programme worked on a series of publications which highlight this interdependence.

GREAT insights (ECDPM’s bi-monthly magazine)
Two issues of ECDPM’s GREAT insights covered the topic of conflict, crisis and governance:

ECDPM was part of a consortium that worked on an evaluation, on behalf of the European Commission, looking at EU cooperation with Timor-Leste over the period 2008-2013

Book chapter
In 2015, OECD published the book “A governance practitioner’s notebook”ECDPM’s Volker Hauck, Head of the Conflict, Security and Resilience programme, and Frauke de Weijver contributed with the chapter Release the pressure on governance practitioners, on conflict and peacebuilding.